From Ten till Dusk

In a multi-form narrative, Cristín Leach puts a face to the people who made the Royal Hibernian Academy of Arts the goliath that it is within Irish cultural life. These characters are brought to life through the author’s innovative research and style by giving them voice and circumstance – an intimately human touch to this story. Through historical fiction, diary entries, critic-fiction, letters and poetry, From Ten till Dusk is the dramatic and tumultuous story of an institution which has been central to Irish national life for 200 years.

This portrait of Ireland’s premier cultural institution brings some of the most significant characters involved in the the Academy to life through Leach’s unique style. From Ten till Dusk is part of a year-long celebration, marking the 200th anniversary of the founding of the RHA in 1823.

Praise for From Ten till Dusk:

"From Ten till Dusk... is a joy. Taking an experimental format, it draws out, and frequently fictionalises the threads that run through the lives of those involved, to create an eclectic portrait of a place, the times, and the people who make the art." Gemma Tipton, The Irish Times. 

"Cristín Leach's latest book will go down a treat with the discerning culture or art fan... This is the story of the history of the RHA, but rather than go down the typical route Leach has chosen to tell it through the tales of 12 people integral to its journey - through historical fiction, diary entries, letters and poetry. The book is beautifully designed and packaged, making it a delight to gaze upon." Aoife Barry, The Sunday Times.

"from artists to art critics to politics, architecture... debt, social concerns of the era, and the people and personalities at its heart, in this very lively and creative approach." Sean Rocks, RTÉ Arena (listen back).

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