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Reading: Thursday 13th October Trinity Long Room Hub, Voices of the narrators, 18:00 – 19:00 h MC: Jesús Marchamalo With: John Banville, Nuria Barrios, Cristina Bendek, Moya Cannon, Alonso Cueto, Cristín Leach and Jordi Soler. and In conversation: Friday, 14th October Trinity Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation 19:30 – 20:15 h Writing the lives of others With: Cristín Leach and Jesús Marchamalo Moderator: Jean-Philippe Imbert Our two guests are well established journalists and authors who specialise in acquainting us with the life and work of other artists. They are also magnetic and curious characters who reveal mysteries to us through their writing. But what happens when an author tells their own story? What can we learn from how they write? Can we sense the person behind the author, or the author behind the journalist?

  • Date:14/10/2022 07:30 PM
  • Location Trinity Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation, Trinity College Dublin (Map)